Doug Jamieson, composer

Cost of Crude

Cost of Crude (4:24)
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Vocal: Doug Jamieson; background vocals: Katalin Kiss, Meghan McGuiness & Stacey Lee Gusé; guitar: Paul Chapman ~ written in 2003-2005

"The idea for a song called Cost of Crude came several years ago when listening to a business panel discussion on CBC radio's Morningside. The phrase was given as an explanation for some aspect of the economy. Sometime later I began to sketch out ideas for a multi-textured song about the execution in 1995 of Ogoni activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and the unconscionable behaviour of Shell in Nigeria, juxtaposed with a trivial, seemingly disconnected scene of a North American obliviously burning up gasoline in their car.

"In 2003, with the outbreak of war in Iraq, I returned to this song idea. I greatly simplified my earlier concept. I wrote the lyrics first with only a rough idea for melody. The first version was completed in March 2003. Instrumental solos were added in 2005 and the piece was re-recorded for inclusion on my Fair Mona CD."

The entire song in MP3 format can be downloaded at no charge and freely shared for non-commercial use. All other rights are reserved. For a CD quality version of this recording, see the Fair Mona page. For further information, contact Doug Jamieson. Doug Jamieson is represented by Socan Performing Rights organization.


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