Doug Jamieson, composer

undefended heart

I honour your gods
I drink at your well
I bring an undefended heart to our meeting place
I have no cherished outcome
I will not negotiate by withholding
I am not subject to disappointment

 ~ anonymous Celtic vow

aebstraekt27 by Richard Pilon

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This CD of five love songs was first recorded in Eden Mills, Ontario in January 2004. All five songs were partially re-recorded and re-mastered in 2005 and are included on Fair Mona and Country Matters. Undefended Heart is designed as a gift - a celebration of love - for someone for whom your heart has no defense.

The attractive cover art is by Eden Mills artist Richard Pilon. Inside is a Celtic vow, with space for you to write a dedication if you wish to give it as a gift. For buyer beware samples, there are excerpts below in both lo-fi and hi-fi for slow and fast Internet connections respectively.

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undefended heart Excerpts
Back to You (4:36)
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A simple concept is at the heart of this song: the stresses and demands of the day are light indeed when you know you will return to the one you love.
Vocals: Doug Jamieson & Stacey Lee Gusé; viola: Angela Rudden, guitar: Paul Chapman; arranging & sequencing: Doug Jamieson ~ written in 2004 (
2 min. excerpt)
Moonlight (4:00)
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A very mellow ballad painting a picture of two lovers under the moon and stars, sharing a sky, a love, a life, within this point of time.
Vocals: Giselle Sanderson, Stacey Lee Gusé & Kim Moffit; guitar: Paul Chapman; piano, arranging & sequencing: Doug Jamieson ~ written in 2003 (
2 min. excerpt)
Airbrush (3:34)
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An intricate country-ish tune with some quirky lyrics about remembering and celebrating your lover - worts and all - and, for god's sake, doing it while you can!
Vocal: Doug Jamieson; background vocal: Stacey Lee Gusé; guitars & mandolin: Paul Chapman; piano, arranging & sequencing: Doug Jamieson ~ written in 1992 (
2 min. excerpt)
Deep Burning Yes (5:22)
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A passionate tune about the absolute certainty you feel for a love that goes way beyond 'uh huh', 'yup', 'ok' or the like.
Vocal: Doug Jamieson; choral vocal: Jenny Kitson, Debbie Tilson & Linda Hendry; drums: Ryan Brubacher; piano, arranging & sequencing: Doug Jamieson ~ written in 1996 (
2 min. excerpt)
Way Too Long Since Loving You (3:02)
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Truly the most intellectual and artistic song of the collection in that the entire Odyssey of Homer has been distilled into a much more pithy and cogent work of only 3 minutes. The composer accomplishes this amazing feat by cleverly retelling the entire story from the viewpoint of Penelope and leaving out all that other junk.
Vocal: Stacey Lee Gusé; additional background vocals: Debbie Tilson; guitar: Paul Chapman; organ, arranging & sequencing: Doug Jamieson ~ written in 2003 (
2 min. excerpt)


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